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Lawyer Aliye Yıldız Varsın was born in 1977, and after completing Çankırı Anatolian High School, she graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1999. BEST LAWYER Aliye Yıldız Varsın, who completed her master’s degree with the thesis titled “Trial in the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Court”, is currently continuing her doctoral studies at Ankara University Faculty of Law, Department of Private Law. , who founded Özdemir Law and Consultancy Office. Aliye Yıldız Varsın operates actively and provides legal consultancy and representation services with a specialized team within the framework of professional principles. The office, which specializes in Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Property Law, Labor Law and Commercial Law, develops solutions to legal problems with a perfectionist approach and does not compromise on quality.

Lawyer Aliye Yıldız Varsın also works in the field of Contract Law and prepares contracts and provides consultancy services for many companies and partnerships. Varsın, who also works on Alternative Solutions, has successfully completed Mediation Training. Aliye Yıldız Varsın, who plays an active role in resolving disputes, resolves some of the files with satisfaction between the parties without being referred to the judiciary.

Aliye Yıldız Varsın’s achievements are shaped by her role in society, her commitment to the establishment of justice, her communication ability, empathy ability and professional work discipline.



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